Smart Energy Storage™


Electrical grid loss

The electrical grid is one of the most complex and outdated systems in the world. Energy can be created, and it can be lost.

Did you know that almost 2/3 of the energy that is created is lost? A major part where power is lost is in the production and delivery stages. We must do better.

To combat this, we proudly introduce Smart Energy Storage™.

LionESS Benefits

Load Management

Load Management

Accumulate energy when the demand is low and discharge stored energy during peak times, saving money.

Backup Power

Backup Power / UPS

Supply backup power in case of an electrical grid failure until complete power restoration. Save time and money by eliminating downtime.

Black Start Capability

Renewable Energy Integration

Open the door to inexpensive electricity continuously available to on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid systems.

Black Start Capability

Black-Start Capability

Based on battery storage, a LionESS can restart after a total shutdown without using external electricity networks. Recover in the shortest time possible.

Energy Time Shift

Energy Time-Shift

In areas where electricity prices fluctuate, energy is purchased at a low price during off-peak periods and sold or used when the price increases.

Frequency Control

Frequency Control

Immediately react to power interruptions and stabilize the grid. It can also ensure voltage stability, maintaining its level within the specified range.