Cub GO Solo Kit


You're on the go, living life, living your dreams. You need grab-n-go power to propel those dreams forward. 

The Lion Cub GO Solo Kit is for you. 

Whether you’re doing extreme sports or just a stroll through the park, we provide you power. Power for your USB devices like your phone or tablet or AC power for things like your laptop, that still have cords — we've got you covered.

The package includes:

1 x Lion Cub GO
1 x Lion Cub GO 20 Watt Solar Panel

We made it so it takes out all the guess work for you, everything is right here in one purchase,  all the components work together, gives you the power you need, and it's  bundle together so you can save money.  

If you were to purchase these individually it would be $244, purchase as a package and save!